D1 Spec GTR-Drive Throttle Controller for VQ35 Engine

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  • Increase acceleration response. 
  • 3 Drive Modes: Eco, Normal and Sport.
    • Eco Mode: Designed for city driving or light cruising, Eco mode makes your car more Economical and reduces fuel consumption.
    • Normal Mode: Sets your car to standard/factory form
    • Sports Mode: Increases your throttle response giving your car more power and acceleration
  • Eco and Sports mode have 10 variable settings
  • Removes vehicles throttle limiter on the first 3 gears when in Sports Mode.
  • Gives a much faster throttle response.
  • Comes with all necessary parts for easy installation. 
  • NOTE: Item does not fit 2006+ HR Engine Vehicles. 

*This item has been very well reviewed and recommended on the 350Z owners club UK.*

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