Competition Clutch - Ultra Light Weight Flywheel - Mazda Mx5 NC Model 5/6 Speed

Sale price£399.00


MANUFACTURER : Competition Clutch


SPECIFICATION : Super Light Flywheel

MATERIAL : 4140 forged steel



Competiti2-10060STU - MX5 2.0L NC 5 & 6 speed SUPER light weight flywheel. Competition Clutch Lightweight Chromoly Flywheel is designed to reduce drive-train inertia. This will make your engine keener to rev up when you are on the throttle and hang onto revs less when you come off the throttle. This will enhance driving feel and can help rev-matching on gear-shifts. The stock flywheel in many modern cars is on the heavy side for smoothness. While this has it's benefits driving around town or at a constant cruise it can make the engine reluctant to gain or lose speed. This can both slightly blunt the performance of the car and can be an impediment to quick gear-shifts where you want to either blip the throttle to get the revs up for a down-shift or to quickly up-shift. Fitting a lighter flywheel will help with with this. The Competition Clutch Lightweight chromoly steel flywheels are manufactured from a high quality 4140 forged chromoly steel. This is a very tough alloy and provides excellent longevity and heat resistance. The Lightweight flywheel range will be lighter than the stock flywheel but will keep a sensible amount of weight in it to avoid losing low-end torque. This makes them ideal for cars that are driven regularly on the road. These flywheels suit standard fitment clutches ALSO.

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