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Internal Drive Wheel Nut Red 1.5

Model: Various / Light Weight Red 1.5
Sales price £54.99

(M12, P1.5, L35) Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford, Mazda

-D1-Spec Logo printed
-Forged made mixed Aluminium Compound with Surface
-Harden to HV330 Spec
-62% lighter and 33% Stronger than normal Wheel Nuts
-60 Degree Wheel Nut Tapper which will fit most aftermarket alloy wheels
-20 Pieces per set
-Comes with fitting key

- Not suitable to use on race track                        

- Recommend Maximum Torque of 130nm/lb

*We don't recommend them for Track use because at the end of the day they are Forge Aluminium item and will never be as strong as steel item on the track but if you happen to have them them on at a light Track session during a show or an event they shouldn't be a problem as the stress level you put through the item are the same or not much more than normal road conditions and they are still with in the stress limit of the Genuine D1 Spec Wheel Nuts Can take.*
*The Wheel nuts are definitely not suitable to use for Drifting as the stress level coming from the side way are way too much for the D1 Spec wheel nuts as well as many other bigger brand products as we have also test them before on our British Drift Championship Superpro class Drift Cars.* 


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