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600 X 300 X 76 Front Mount Intercooler Core (Black Edition)

Japspeed: ZZ01304A
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Fitting a front mount intercooler is an excellent way of safely increasing your engine's power output. This is as a result of reducing the temperature of the air entering the engine, creating a denser charge. The standard Nissan intercooler is a small unit mounted behind the passenger-side wing. Replacing the OEM intercooler with a much larger, front mounted item means that much more cooling is on offer for the hot air trying to enter the engine. The cooler the air, the more power you will have on tap.

Black intercooler cores have been proven to reduce intake temperatures even more than a regular intercooler core as a result of improved emissivity levels.

Tube & Fin style intercooler (600x300x76mm)

3" inlet and outlet
TIG welded
Black finish for improved emissivity 

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