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HKS Super Oil for EJ Engine 4 Litre

Grade: 7.5-42w for Subaru EJ Engine
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Engine Oil Developed Targeting Specific Engines.

HKS Super Oil series were developed on the concept of "engine oil is one of the engine part".
HKS' original "HIPER ESTER" can follow extreme boundary lubrication to any kind of engines on the metal absorbed molecular level. Each engine oil viscosity was determined specifically for the target engine for optimum engine performance. Super Oil is 100% specially blended synthetic oil.


EJ engine is the big bore/short stroke horizontal opposed engine.
This unique system requires reducing mechanical abrasion and equalizing oil lubrication to all area. The optimized oil viscosity for the EJ engine can support torque improvement as well as engine protection by the oil film retainment ability of HIPER ESTER's metal absorbed molecule. Super Oil EJ is the best to use for the EJ engine.

Typical Application: Legacy, Impreza, Forester, etc




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